NASB Sales Mafia

The Sales Mafia group is an insurance brokerage with a culture and team ethic unmatched in the industry. With a system built by agents for agents and leadership that asks you to follow in their footsteps rather than go where they have never been themselves. The Sales Mafia's edge isn't who we are now, but collectively where we are going.


Hear From Our Leaders

Episode 1

In his 7 years with NASB he's risen to the top of the ranks leading the most power-packed team in the nation.
Harveytime leads by asking his agents to follow in his footsteps rather than go where he's never been himself.

Episode 2

Sales Manager
Coming from years in corporate America. The Hitman needed to replace an income level few achieve. Listen in to how he did it in year 1?
Junior Partner
Music to insurance is an unlikely jump. The Nature Boy was in search of control and freedom. Hear how he achieved both with the NASB system.

Episode 3

Junior Partner
A handful of all-expense-paid trips, a shelf of awards, and a monstrous growth pattern are a few of The Golden Boy's achievements in his less than 2-year history with NASB.
Sales Manager
Completely new to the insurance world. Iceman has exploded onto the scene with a trajectory few have established before him. Listen in to hear how he achieved his fast start.

Episode 4

Sales Manager
After handing off the day to day operations of a highly successful business in a different industry, Troy came to NASB with his sights set even higher.
Sales Manager
With a storied history of salary positions in a multitude of industries, Tim decided to bet on himself and take ownership of his future. Hear how made it happen!

Episode 5

Brooke "The Dragon Slayer"
Rachel "The Triple Threat"

Episode 6

Sales Manager
Josiah "The Riot" Myatt
Sales Manager
Tyler "Kingsman"

Episode 7

Sales Manager
Starting part time to pay his way through college, Joe experienced a dramatic increase in income when he jumped in full time.
Whether it's closing a sale or setting a broken bone, Brianna gets the job done! Hear how she's working the NASB system to spring board into the her dream career.

Episode 8

Regional Vice President
Will came to us from a very successful career, which took a hit due to COVID and transitioned into this new, recession-proof career.
Sales Manager
Alex had a bit of a slow start, but once he shifted his focus his business began to soar.

Episode 9

Sales Manager
Dan found NASB at a low point in his life and used this system to change the trajectory of his and his family's life! Hear how this young man went from turmoil to triumph in a very short time.

Episode 10

Junior Partner
Craig and Nick take a deep dive into the start of Nick's journey with NASB, the drivers of success, and the reasons he chose NASB as his home.

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