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Use this Step-by-step Guide

There is also a guide on YouTube that you may find helpful.

*Please note that if you are newly licensed, it may take up to 7 business days for SureLC to sync with NIPR/your state, for you to be added in the system and able to being contracting.     

In order to set your EFT/direct deposit correctly with the carriers, you will need to provide your bank information. Carriers are very specific about what they will accept and not all accept a direct deposit form (unless it also has a check printed on it), so please upload one of the following:

Can't be a starter check (can't be #100 or under)
Your name & info must be pre-printed on the check & match what was used for contracting

- OR -

-Must be typed/printed (not handwritten)
-Include your Name, as it appears on contracting
-Type of account (Checking/Savings)
-Account Number
-Routing Number
-Signed by a bank representative

E&O (Errors and Omissions) insurance is not required, but often recommended. You can still complete your contracting if you do not have E&O, though that tab will remain red.  Some carriers such as Foresters, AIG & Gerber do require E&O . If you choose to get E&O, we have found that NAPA offers some of the most affordable coverage with various payment plans. Go to & select option A.

You will also be asked about Anti-Money Laundering (AML) a few times. There no need to complete the course now on SureLC, as our carriers require an AML course, but do not accept that one.

For newly licensed agents, we recommend WebCE for your first AML course. You can complete that now and upload the certificate to SureLC. WebCE AML is accepted by all of our carriers (with the exception of Royal Neighbors & Baltimore).

  • Click "Course Catalog"
  • "Continuing Education"
  • Select your resident state
  • Select Life/Health
  • Select "Anti-Money Laundering for the Insurance Industry" $9.95
  • Upon completing the course, you will get a pdf certificate of completion.

LIMRA is another AML option and accepted by all of our carriers, but it may take a while for a carrier to enter you into the LIMRA system, which may cause delays in carriers processing your business. If you choose to wait and take the course on LIMRA, your Training tab on SureLC will remain red, but you can still continue.


The final step is putting in your contracting request for NASB (please only select NASB at this time). After a few questions, you'll see the full contract. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the contract & click "apply my signature". 

Please let us know when you have completed the online contracting so that we can follow up with our home office and start processing your carrier contracts. 

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